Highly versatile problem solver

Pronounced Mah-li-sha. Full-stack developer and self-proclaimed one-man army. Computer geek since 1999.
Currently BUIDL-ing on Solana blockchain.

Toptal profile


"Save A Child Challenge" is an upcoming initiative to crowdfund the fight against human trafficking and child exploatation through the "Operation Underground Railroad".
  • I'm rebuilding existing app using the different tech stack.
Tech: Tailwind, Alpine.js, Laravel, Livewire
[Work paused, web app not live yet]
  • Built the personality tests assessing and showcasing platform from the ground up, starting with the designs.
  • Set up development processes, tooling, architecture, database, and all the rest.
  • Actively participating in developing product and business strategies (go-to-market, monetization, growth, marketing).
Tech: Laravel, Livewire, MariaDB, Sass, Bootstrap, JS (vanilla) & jQuery, Laravel, Forge
  • Collaborated closely with the client to assess the business needs in pre-development phase.
  • Provided wireframes and sketches for the main and secondary user flows, designed upon the existing website, and modified to suit the client's needs.
  • Set the infrastructure (Linux box, database, version control, reporting system, TLS certificate installation, DNS setup).
  • Integrated Stripe (elements, billing, and metered billing).
  • Integrated Amazon S3 direct upload and offloaded bandwidth-intensive file upload from our server directly to Amazon S3 in a user-friendly way.
  • Integrated Mailgun (email service provider) and (scalable automated marketing tool).
Tech: Laravel, MySQL/MariaDB, Sass, Bootstrap, JS (vanilla) & jQuery, Linux
  • Refactored the existing codebase to support scalability, improve performance and security (drastically), and to ease the development, maintenance, and introduction of new developers to the project.
  • Implemented a pixel-perfect, responsive complete redesign of the application by working closely with the main designer. This resulted in improving business metrics (lower bounce rate, more satisfied customers, and higher conversion rate).
  • Integrated third-party services like Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon S3, Mailgun, and
  • Upgraded PHP, MySQL, and CodeIgniter along with handling the migration from Windows to Linux server (in collaboration with another developer).
  • Independently developed various features and functionalities with minimal guidance and with minimal (often without any) design prototypes.
  • Integrated Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
Tech: PHP (CodeIgniter), MySQL, CSS, jQuery, Linux
My Toptal profile
  • Performed remote pair-programming and taught React by building a serverless web application.
  • Improved architecture (upgraded Apache, PHP, MySQL, cPanel) and introduced a version control system (Git).
  • Developed custom features on Fuel CMS (CMS for CodeIgniter PHP framework) and made front-end changes.
  • Integrated Authorize.Net for payments.
... and lots of other stuff.
Tech: Amazon Cognito, Contentful, Algolia, React, Apache, MySQL, CodeIgniter, PHP
  • Built customer-oriented features to boost growth, SEO, retention, and conversion rate.
  • Refactored a crucial part of the customer funnel to make pages SEO friendly and any future development easier.
  • Constructed employee-facing tools and dashboards to help colleagues with their everyday tasks.
  • Developed a full-blown dashboard with several customizable, dynamic, and interactive widgets embeddable on any website by pasting a piece of HTML code in order to gain inbound links from the external sites.
  • Integrated various third-party services (Zendesk, Mandrill, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager).
  • Completely restructured, refined, and led the hiring process for developers, as well as mentored new hires.
Tech: Google Analytics, Webpack, Bootstrap, Less, React, MySQL, PHP (CodeIgniter)
  • Improved the existing Halcom e-banking products while working in a highly versatile scrum team.
  • Configured, customized, and helped with the deployment of the e-banking platforms for two major banks.
  • Developed and tested features for an electronic invoicing platform.
Tech: IBM Db2, Apache Velocity, Ext JS, Less, jQuery, Maven, Spring, Java EE
Support Engineer Internship
  • Developed small WordPress plugins.
  • Implemented front-end enhancements.
  • Provided top-level support for our WordPress plugin users.
Tech: Vagrant, Bootstrap, AngularJS, PHP, WordPress
Webmaster for the local company
  • Created and maintained a Joomla website and managed the domain, hosting, and certificates.
  • Managed the site content, user accounts, monthly newsletter, added news, and updated product lists, quantities, and prices on a regular basis.
  • Handled the shop's daily operations including the sale of computer equipment and maintenance/repairs of the customers' personal computers.
Tech: Joomla

Hackathons and other highlights

StreamFlow Finance

Crypto-native value distribution platform, built on Solana. Token vesting as a service, bulk payments, payroll, subscriptions, airdrops. Tradable vesting contracts.

Betheros (Blockchain)

During a 48-hour-long hackathon, my team and I developed an Ethereum-based MVP solution for transparent and fair rewarding of open-source contributors. I based my Bachelor thesis on this work.

Fintech Hackathon Winners

My team and I created a webshop that easily integrates with Halcom's existing mobile banking solution, Hal mBills. Our idea was recognized as financially and technically feasible with the hackathon sponsor taking over its further development.

Winners of the "Bytes of Banking" Student Workshop

I led a team that was prototyping an upgrade to the existing Halcom M-Bank (mobile banking) platform in order to improve social media banking. My team had the best technical (and overall) solution and we were proclaimed winners of the workshop.


Master's Degree in Software Engineering
(2020 - ongoing)

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Belgrade, Serbia
Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering
(2012 - 2017)

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Belgrade, Serbia